Trusted by these amazing clients

We adopted a dog from overseas whom we love dearly. She is sweet and gentle, but quirky. That’s where Brigitt’s skills came in. Although we don’t live in Ottawa we had heard of her dog whispering abilities and contacted her by Face Time. Brigitt was terrific! She listened patiently and carefully and was able to give us concrete suggestions to try in order to change some of Kaya’s unwanted behaviour. Brigitt’s knowledge and experience of dogs gives her the ability to understand our dog in ways we hadn’t thought of. It is a work in progress, but by following Brigitt’s advice already we have seen improvement. We are so grateful for her practical, knowledgeable and straightforward advice.

Jane and Hilary, Toronto
I contacted Brigitt when trying to make a decision about adopting a puppy, something I was feeling anxious about. I knew it involved lots of preparation and knowledge and wanted a realistic perspective from an experienced dog trainer. Brigitt spoke honestly about all that goes into this undertaking, including building my knowledge of dog psychology, puppy training starting on day one to prevent unwanted behaviours from developing, the importance of consistency in my instructions to the puppy, the necessity of understanding developmental timelines in the puppy’s life. Brigitt was knowledgeable and supportive when giving me suggestions and resources. Thank you Brigitt for your calm guidance, which has given me more confidence in knowing what I must do now before welcoming my new best friend. What a wonderful gift you have to share.
Helen S., Future dog owner

“Brigitt is reliable, respectful, aware of others and easy to work with. It is obvious just watching her with our cat and her own pets that she adores animals. I will always remember watching her pulling her disabled dog down the street in a custom-made cart and thinking how lucky that dog was to be so loved.”

D.L., Cat owner

“What has often impressed me is that Brigitt is aware that each animal has a distinct personality (energy), likes and dislikes and as well as desires, or not, for human interaction. She is very sensitive to their well-being. She is a kind, competent, and extremely dependable person.  Brigitt is a team player, works well with others.  She would be an asset to any aspect of care for animals.”

Heather E, Dog & cat owner

​”Brigitt understands Dory and has helped us greatly by explaining her to us.  We have gained great insights through Brigitt’s work with Dory and I would highly recommend her.  She is a terrific personal trainer and has a profound understanding of how animals think.  Brigitt has a true gift.”

Paul M., Dog owner

Brigitt has worked wonders with our dog Dory for two years now. She is our “dog whisperer”: with her calm, assured expertise she taught us how to handle and manage Dory who is highly excitable. Brigitt focuses on the dog and the owners bond, so we can all work toward a happy dog-family relationship!”

Heather S, Dog owner

“When we adopted Kaela from a rescue organization, we knew she was very reactive around other dogs. However, it wasn’t until we spent some time with her that we realized just how reactive she was as soon as we stepped outside, she was on high alert. When she caught wind or sight of another dog, she became very agitated (barking, lunging, whining, shaking). What I appreciate is that not only is Brigitt highly trained and experienced in dealing with dogs, she has good people sense too. She has been helping us understand how we need to act in order to help our recently adopted 2 year-old dog get to that calm and happy place. Brigitt has a very professional and positive attitude about what we will be able to achieve with time and patience. She’s an excellent role model in how she handles Kaela, and is very thoughtful about pacing our training so that we don’t try to do too much too quickly, but do enough to make steady progress.” 

Janet S., Dog owner